Express Offers updates

Express Offers 2.1
  • New Short Term Rental property and Buy Box category. Certification is required to access Short Term Rentals.
Express Offers 2.0
  • Entire Redesign of UI and UX. Performance, speed, and reactivity greatly improved.
  • Express Offers is now more secure!
  • Improved mobile experience, as well as Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome support. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Better icons, clearer forms, and enhanced accessibility.
  • For agents, the property submission process has been greatly improved, especially concerning media uploads. Now property videos can be attached for buyers to see, and property's media can be updated at any time.
  • Buy Box matching is more accurate and comprehensive. The rating system is easier to use and understand, too!
  • Buyers can now upload their own Buy Box video, and have broader control over all their media uploads.
  • Property Passes are now available for buyers and agents to view in one page.
  • Pinnable Feature: As an agent, you can pin (easily revisit with notes) Buy Boxes and Offers. As a Buyer, you can do this with Properties.

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